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My name is Esmee Gruson

I am an enthusiastic and playful designer. I graduated from the HKU in Utrecht in 2023 as a product designer. In my designs I explore the boundaries of functionality and play with our expectations. My designs are often an alienated image of reality, colorful and playful.

Artist statement

My work is characterized by humor in combination with a feeling of discomfort or confusion. With my work I push the boundaries between functionality and dysfunction. Although this is not the starting point of a process, it is often the outcome. An unconscious fascination that I don't yet know where exactly it comes from, or what triggers me.


I get inspiration from my environment, such as a bolt lying on someone's table, a hilly landscape through which I cycle, or people's discomfort when something is useless. I prefer to make crazy combinations here. For example, in an earlier project, I asked myself the question; What if a cupboard can decide for itself whether it is full or not? And how does consumption behavior play a role in this?


With my work I hope to bring a smile to people's faces and evoke an emotion such as confusion, irritation or friction.

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